It all started at just 3 years old - "a Garth Brooks cd, a cheap (very small) guitar, cowboy boots, and what ever I could make look like a microphone was what started it all." Alex would put on "shows" every time there was some type of gathering and that was where he fell in love with the idea of performing.  By the time he was 16, Alex began writing songs and performing throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Alex's passion for music took a giant step when just 3 days after his high school graduation he moved to Nashville,  leaving behind everything in Western Pennsylvania.  "Moving to a place where you don't know a single person definitely is a gut check.  Going out everywhere by yourself, just trying to find anyone you can talk to takes a toll on you but made me mature fast" and that it absolutely did.  At only 24, Alex is well ahead of his time which is shown in his admirable determination and work ethic.


Now no longer a stranger around Nashville, Alex has co-written with number one writers and has received over 15 cuts by artist throughout town.  Coming from a wide variety of influences, there is an unmistakable sound from his songwriting, guitar playing, and vocal performances that has a catchy - honky tonk feel that will get boots stomping or hearts melting.


Alex is currently playing shows throughout the east coast and has recently released his first single "From the Bottom of My Heart" followed by a video which has had over 65k streams.