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West Deer, Pennsylvania’s Alex Maxwell wasted no time in his pursuit of a career in music, moving to Nashville from his hometown just three days after his high school graduation. At just eighteen, Maxwell began utilizing his talents of songwriting, production and artistry to vastly break into Music City, which quickly ascended into what is now over thirty independent cuts as a songwriter, a direct support act as a nationally touring artist to go along with producing December 2020’s Billboard #1 Selling single “Dicked Down In Dallas” among numerous records for the roster of artists within his Independent production company of “Dog Hollow Productions”. Boasting an organic, guitar driven sound, Maxwell combines his ability of playing four additional instruments and vocal to accompany the keen storytelling and songwriting ability displayed in the likes of his debut 2020 collection of releases including singles “Good One Gone” ft. Black River Entertainment’s Ray Fulcher and fan favorites “Could’ve been Me” and “That’ll Be The Day”. Maxwell’s resume in Nashville continues to evolve with each and every release to date and has continued to enhance his sound and his expanding fan base while on the road with touring artist Trey Lewis. 


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